WarnBot is a Moderation and Utility Discord bot that lets moderators warn, kick, ban, and mute users easily and efficiently. One unique feature WarnBot has is it can give Users tips if they are inexperienced or new to Discord.

Currently serving over 300 Discord servers!

We are Discord Verified!!!

Bot Use:

Prefix: w!



invite: Links to invite bot to another server, and invite link to this server

help: Get a list of all commands

updates: See the bot's update log

vote: Vote for the bot on top.gg

tips: Useful Discord tips

ping: Pong! See the bot's ping

Moderation (Permissions required in parenthensis):

clear [number]: Clear specified number of previous messages. The max is 100 (Manage Messages)

mute [@user] (Reason): Mute mentioned member for listed reason (Kick)

unmute [@user]: Unmute mentioned user (Kick)

warn [@user] (Reason): Warn mentioned member for listed reason (Kick)

kick [@user] (Reason): Kick mentioned member for listed reason (Kick)

ban [@user] (Reason): Ban mentioned member for listed reason (Ban)

announce [announcement]: Announce something in the server you want to announce it in (Manage Server)

talk [text]: Talk as WarnBot (Manage Messages)

Update Log:


0.1: Basic Common Moderation Commands

0.2: Announce, Rules, & Update Log Commands

0.3: Ping, Vote, & Tips Commands added, Clear Command fixed to delete the correct number of messages

0.4: Talk, Suggest, Cool Servers Commands added, Updated some error messages, fixed Ping command

0.5: WarnBot website (this site) released, added more tips to disc-tips command